Who Owns The Biggest Diamond


The Cullinan Diamond, the largest diamond in the world, was found in the Premier Mine in South Africa in 1905 and is the largest ever found. Named in honour of the mine’s owner, Thomas Cullinan, the Cullinan Diamond was an incredible 1,1-1/2 pounds when it was uncut. Just under 4 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 2.5 inches high, the Cullinan rough was the largest rough diamond in the world at the time.

The big diamond crystal was discovered by Frederick Wells, the superintendent of the Premier Mine near Pretoria in Transvaal, what is today South Africa. At first, he was sceptical that the massive crystal could possibly be a diamond.

A number of the world’s most famous diamonds were cut from the Premier Mine, now known as the Cullinan mine, including the 240-carat rough that yielded the Taylor Burton Diamond, the 353-carat rough that yielded Premier Rose, and the 599-carat rough that yielded the De Beers Centenary Diamond.

The Premier Mine also produced some of the world’s most famous coloured diamonds, including the 755.50-carat Golden Jubilee Diamond and the rough diamond that yielded the 27.64-carat Heart of Eternity blue diamond, which is currently on display alongside the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian Institution.

The Transvaal government sent the Cullinan to Europe as a show of support and presented it to King Edward VII of England. The cutting was done in Amsterdam. While cutting it in half, Joseph Asscher reportedly passed out. More than ten of the most important diamonds were cut by him.

There are several large Cullinan diamonds currently on display in the Crown Jewels of England, which are part of the Tower of London. It is the 530.40-carat Great Star of Africa or Cullinan I Diamond, which is set in the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross, which is the largest stone cut from Cullinan.


As the second-largest diamond discovered in Africa, the Excelsior famous diamond is awe-inspiring. South Africa’s Jagersfontein Mine near Kimberley discovered the diamond in 1893. An estimated 995.20 carats, the blue and white tinted diamond remains the third-largest rough diamond of gem quality ever discovered.


When compared to other famous black carbonados, however, the Sergio black carbonado diamond is known to be larger in carat weight than the Cullinan diamond. In 1893, a rare black diamond weighing 3167 carats was discovered in Brazil.

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