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Description of Chat lock for WhatsApp, chat safe, chat locker

WhatsApp Chat Locker Apk Chat lock for WhatsApp, chat safe, chat locker is new chat vault application that makes your life easy when It comes to only locking the chat on WhatsApp you don’t want anyone to see. This application offers lock for WhatsApp chat that can secure chat or lock some of your WhatsApp’s chat instead of locking application with a passcode or your finger print. Secure private chat from unauthorized access via lock chat for WhatsApp app.


With whatslock app Chat lock for WhatsApp, chat safe, chat locker you can also secure chat from this. Group chats personal chats all can be locked by our application. Now you have no fear because you can use this whatslock application. After installation lock for WhatsApp chat will ask you asset of 4 digit PIN, then you can select the chat you want to hide and it will hide your chats using chat vault feature.

Whenever you will open this locked chat it will ask you a security pin and then after giving it the right code it will open the chat. Using chat vault way your chat will be safe and only can be opened with your finger print or pin using our lock for WhatsApp chat app


Using our lock chat for WhatsApp app you can easily secure chat even your private and group WhatsApp conversation and maintain their privacy using a passcode. After locking the chat you won’t be able to open the chat without the use of a pin or fingerprint. If you want to lock any chat that you don’t want others to see. You just need to open our whatslock application and add the chat you don’t want other to see WhatsApp Chat Locker Apk

How to use
– Install Chat lock for WhatsApp first.
– Open app and create a four-digit PIN and re-confirm the same.
– Click on ‘+’ icon to add the Whatsapp chat you need to lock.


This app requires Accessibility Service to operate, turning on the Battery optimization will affect the response of this application. We are not collecting any of your personal information. By using this Permission, this app will see whenever a specific action occurred it will automatically lock your screen to avoid unauthorized access WhatsApp Chat Locker Apk

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