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What is Vyng?

Vyng Video Ringtone App Download has built a next-generation Caller ID platform that visualizes every call to start better conversations between friends, families, and businesses. The Vyng app replaces your old-school dialer and visualizes unknown calls with videos, animation, stickers and more.

Vyng visualizes every call with video Ringtones, Video Caller ID, and Spam Protection. Vyng also allows you to choose the video that plays when you call others.
Pick a free video ringtone as your caller ID that plays on your friends’ phone when you call! With over 15 million downloads, our video caller ID identifies calls from business, unknown numbers, robocalls and spam. You can also pick any video ringtone to play when you get a call so that every call is a party! 😳😲🥳


And yeah, Vyng is FREE.
Calling your friends with Vyng is awesome – YOU pick a free outgoing video ringtone that you want to play on YOUR FRIENDS’ PHONES when you call! Then, when you call a friend, they’ll see YOUR outgoing video ringtone playing on their phone while it rings. Wow! Both you and your friends need to have Vyng installed for it to work, so download it for free and invite all your friends! ⛹️🤸🧘


Regular caller ID is BORING! Vyng is the first video ringtone caller ID app ever. Upgrade to Vyng and get a better caller ID that shows you caller ID video ringtones of who’s calling for both unknown callers and spam calls! Spam calls are super annoying, but Vyng identifies spam calls and lets you block and report spam with its caller ID – all for free!
If someone calls you who isn’t on Vyng, you can pick a video ringtone to play by setting a custom video ringtone for that person Vyng Video Ringtone App Download.


Normal phone calls and caller ID apps are LAME! ☠️Other caller ID and spam blocking apps all look and work the same, and most ringtone apps just give you the same old BORING videos and ringtones. Vyng’s free caller ID lets you see CUSTOM VIDEOS of who’s calling, including when you get a spam call! YAY!

Visual Caller ID – Vyng breaks the mold of traditional dialers and caller ID apps by displaying fullscreen videos and images of who’s calling.

Business Caller ID – Instead of only a name, Vyng adds visual enhancements for calls from verified businesses with easy one clock access websites and reviews.

Powerful Spam Blocking – Vyng uses a whitelist model built on a database of billions of numbers to ensure verified callers get through and spammers don’t.


Vyng for Business lifts answer rates from 25% to 70% Businesses on Vyng take advantage of a revolutionary new way to connect with customers, ensuring brand trustworthiness and dramatically increasing answer rates.

Incoming Call – Show a fullscreen video, logo, photo or aniamtion when customers call you or you call customers.

After the call – Engage customers to take action after teh call with relevant experiences such as surveys, prompts to leave a rating, offers, app downlaods and more.

See how Zomato leveraged Vyng to increase answer rates, build brand relationships, decrease delivery time for drivers and get over 25% click through rate on their post call experience.


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