Torch Vault App Download


Hai friends today we are sharing new app.This is a smart and secret gallery vault by Hide behind torch.Hide your secret photos and videos behind secret gallery locker.

Use FingerPrint: Use to open vault with your FingerPrint.Read/Write Storage Permission: Use to get Files from storage for hide/unhide.

Internet Permission: Use to showing ads. Camera Permission: This permission use for Led flashlight.


– Hide photos and videos
– Hide Audio files
– Save notes
– Passcode & Fingerprint unlock
Its a easy and smart way to hide your personal photos and videos.


This app is disguised itself as Torch app which can be use to turn On/Off LED light. and if you long press on Torch title The actual Vault will be open.
Hide and save your photos/videos from your phone gallery and easily access them using Passcode or Finger lock(If available on your phone) in torch vault app.

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