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LED Notification App One of the things that I like about Android smartphones is the LED notification light. iPhones don’t support it for some reason, but they can be very useful. In fact, some major smartphone manufacturers like Samsung (in their Galaxy S10 series) and OnePlus 6t, also lacks this feature. The LED light is a subtle way to know you have received a notification, without making a single sound. Useful for when you are in a meeting or someplace where it is required to keep the phone on silent mode.

What’s more? Using the right LED light notification apps, you can customize it to your liking. You can assign different colors to different apps. That way, you will know whether you have received a missed call, a text message, WhatsApp, or something else. You don’t even have to touch your phone or wake it up. Just glance at the light and you know whether you should go for it or not.

Too bad, Android smartphones don’t come with a built-in app to work with LED light. But as always, there is an app for that. Here are the best-LED Notifications apps for Android and even if your phone doesn’t have a LED light, we still have a couple of workarounds for that. Let’s being.

LED Flashlight Alerts takes a similar approach where you can customize the incoming notifications to work with LED light. But there is another feature. You can also use the camera LED flashlight to get notified about incoming calls and messages. That means there are two ways to get notified.

While the name suggests that it will only work with calls and SMS, it works for all other third-party apps too. The app is free to download and use but ads-supported. The ads are annoying a bit and instead of showing banner ads, the developer is showing full screen pop-ups. Still, it is a good app and once set up, you won’t have to open the app again.

This app was specifically developed for Samsung S10 series users. The LED light was removed to make room for the Infinity-O display. This app promises to make life simpler by notifying you of new notifications using two ways. One is the Edge Lighting where a thin line around the corners of the phone will light up.

The second way is the camera edge. Similar to the phone screen edge, a round icon will appear around the front camera cut-out, the hole punch, to alert you of new notifications. That will create a circular LED light with the camera hole in the middle.  A cool way to know of notifications without disturbing everyone around you. In-app pricing begins at $0.99. If you’re just interested in the Edge Lighting effect, here are few apps you can try.

Originally designed to work on OnePlus phones, Notify Buddy also works well on other Android phones. It’s extremely easy to set up and unlike other apps where you have to manually go to settings and figure out permissions yourself, this one shows you right on the first screen when you run the LED Notification App.

The app lets you choose both third-party and system apps for the notification light. The UI comes in handy as it groups third-party apps, system apps, and active notification apps separately. Lastly, you can change the LED animation time, blink interval, LED shape and size, position, miss call notification, etc in settings.

The app comes with banner ads at the bottom (not intrusive). You can also upgrade to the premium version by watching an ad (temporary) or for $1.5. This removes ads and gives you the option to show app icons as LED Notification App.

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