Is PETA A Good Charity

My home is in Canada. Can I claim a tax deduction for the donation I made?

In the US, PETA is registered as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, but in Canada, we are not. Due to Canadian law, which states that “according to common law, a purpose is only charitable when it provides a benefit to the public,” most of our animal rights protection campaigns do not qualify as “charitable work” (or a sufficient segment of the public).

According to the courts, “promoting the welfare of animals provides an intangible moral benefit to humanity as a whole,” ” Pet advocacy groups like PETA are not included in the definition of “animal welfare work,” as this has been interpreted to mean. The animal welfare work we do here at PETA is done with an eye toward ending the cycles of abuse that animals are subjected to.

As a result, we are unable to provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for donations made directly to PETA because we are not a registered Canadian charity. Contact us at to learn more about tax-deductible donations if you’re thinking about making a contribution of $500 or more.

However, if you receive income from the United States, your donation may be deducted from your taxable income.

In Canada, PETA’s activities are fully compliant with Canadian and US laws, and we’re working hard to put your money toward the best possible use for animals in Canada, the United States, and around the world.

Who benefits from the donations PETA encourages?

Because we remove fur from the closets of those who have changed their minds, we also help to remove it from the streets, and we provide an opportunity for those who have changed their minds to do the same. In order to raise awareness about the gruesome slaughter of millions of fur-bearing animals each year, we use the furs that are donated to us in creative displays and demonstrations.

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