How to Get a Trusted Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship and Use It Effectively

Living with mesothelioma cancer or taking care of a person with this cancer is challenging. Healthy family members have to sacrifice many things to take care of the patient. Teenagers or parents who have teenagers at home and are affected by mesothelioma cancer can join the mesothelioma cancer alliance scholarship. It is one of the rewards for those who struggle with this cancer. 

About Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship

About Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship

Just like the name, this program is designed for people who are affected by mesothelioma cancer. It can be themselves or those who support a family member with this cancer. This scholarship helps you to continue your study higher. 

The amount of money you will earn from mesothelioma cancer alliance scholarship programs varies but participants often earn $4.000. You should check this information on the official website of the universities. Ensure that the scholarship is not expired yet and follow all the requirements. 

The General Requirements to Join Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship 

The General Requirements to Join Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship

Participants should follow several requirements to join the mesothelioma cancer alliance scholarship. For example, participants should be enrolled full-time at an accredited university as a junior college or graduate degree program student. 

The universities have to be accredited for two or four years. This scholarship program is only for United States citizens no matter the states. You should show your ID card to show that you are a citizen of the United States. The universities that provide this cancer alliance scholarship also check your academic achievement. 

That’s why you should have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or higher to be eligible for this scholarship program. Indeed, participants are those who are battling against cancer or those who have a parent or other family members who battled against mesothelioma cancer. 

The Requirements to Apply for Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship 

The Requirements to Apply for Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship 

Besides fulfilling the general requirements above, you also have to fill the mesothelioma cancer alliance scholarship application. Fill in the requirements below. 

Submit an Essay 

Participants should write an essay of about 500 to 1.500 words. You are also allowed to create a 5- minute video to answer several questions. The essay should explain the way cancer affects your life, the way you overcome this problem, and how mesothelioma cancer affects your personal life and career. It is also crucial to explain the meaning of the scholarship to you. Describe how important this cancer alliance scholarship is to you.     

Complete the Online Application 

Go to the official website and find the latest announcement of the scholarship. Then, find the way to access the online application. Ensure that you have completed the online application before submitting it back. 

Remember to read the files you should attach while applying for the application, such as an unofficial academic transcript, proof of enrolment, letters of recommendation, and any certificates as volunteer work. 

The items on the scholarship application form you should fill are your first and last name, complete address, email address, phone number, name of the university, and your major.    

Submit All the Requirements before the Deadline

Complete all the requirements and submit them before the deadline. It is crucial to ensure that you are classified for the selection. That’s why try to fill and submit the requirements a few days before the deadline.  

The Use of Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship 

You will earn up to $4.000 each semester once you are approved to be the student with this scholarship. Students can use the money to pay monthly tuition, buy books, and other needs related to the study process. 

The idea of this scholarship is to pay for the direct educational cost to reduce the financial burden because of mesothelioma cancer treatment. As a result, they can reach their dream and study higher for a better career in the future. 

Tips to Use Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship Responsibly

Tips to Use Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship Responsibly

Here is the use of mesothelioma cancer alliance scholarship responsibly for a maximal result. 

Collect the Money 

Ensure that you have received the money from the scholarship. Knowing the amount of money is crucial to managing everything. Remember! You have to spend the money wisely to ensure that you can finish your studies until achieving your degree. You can also directly ask if the money is not the same as the amount you should receive. 

Learn the Rules to Use the Scholarship 

Some scholarship programs come with rules. Indeed, you should follow the rules to earn it regularly. For example, participants have to show a new laptop or textbooks using the money. Ensure things you can buy and you can’t buy with the money from the cancer alliance scholarship.  

Create a Budgeting 

Learn about how to create budgeting. It is an effective way to classify money based on needs. Start budgeting by writing the list of your needs as a student, including a place to stay, food, textbooks, tuition, and other things. 

Classify the list based on the urgency to pay. For example, you should always spend money to pay the tuition. Despite all spendings, you still have to think about yourself. It means that you also write down the amount of money you have to save and urgent savings. 

At least, you still have money if the spending is more than the expectation. Record the spending for a month and review it. Review the budgeting to find the most suitable model while continuing the study with a cancer alliance scholarship.  

Finding Extra Job 

You may still have time during all activities as a student, patient, or person who has to take care of a patient with mesothelioma cancer at home. It is time to make more money by working as a freelancer. You can use the salary to fill other needs. Mesothelioma cancer treatment needs a lot of money. The salary from your job will be meaningful not only for your family members but also for yourself. It is also a trick to manage your scholarship budgeting more comfortably. 

Find the Best Cost for Things You Needs

You can’t buy anything you need just like an ordinary student. It is because you have a lot of bills to pay. That’s why you have to be more creative in managing your money. For example, you can buy used textbooks in a good condition. 

The cost is cheaper and you can still use it to join the class. It is the same case when you are looking for a place for living, food, clothes, and tools to support your study. It is the reason why you should review and revise your budgeting. Find out the best budgeting that keeps you comfortable while doing the studying process. 

Bottom Line

Mesothelioma cancer is not an obstacle to continuing your study. You only have to commit to following the treatment and study. Mesothelioma cancer alliance scholarship is one of the solutions to achieve your goals. 

It is the same case if you are taking care of a parent with mesothelioma cancer. The medical bills are costly, and this scholarship helps you a lot. The most important thing is that you can use the money responsibly and wisely for a maximal result. 

You may be a bit exhausted with the condition but remember your goals to keep focusing on the plan. The requirements for joining the mesothelioma cancer alliance scholarship are also straightforward. Ensure that you pass and complete them all to be classified as a participant. Start by searching universities across the U.S. that offer a specific scholarship, including the mesothelioma cancer alliance scholarship program. 

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