How Do I Donate A Car In Winnipeg

Donate your vehicle to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg, whether it’s a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or even a boat. Even if your car isn’t running anymore, we’ll provide you with a quick tow, a friendly and free ride, and a tax receipt.

Getting rid of your car can be a PAINFUL process until you use BIG TOW. Your vehicle’s removal and disposal will be handled by us, whether it is recycled or sold at an auction.

Donations like yours help children in Winnipeg! In order to continue and expand our mentoring programs for Winnipeg’s children, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Winnipeg is in need of your automobile gift!

Homeless Cars is a registered Canadian charitable organization that uses the proceeds from donated vehicles to support homeless charities and help end homelessness and food poverty in Canada.

A portion of the money raised by donating a vehicle to Homeless Cars in Winnipeg goes to Siloam Mission.

A simple online form or a quick phone call will get you started. Your car will be picked up free of charge and within 48 hours of donation if you choose this option. In return for the vehicle, Homeless Cars issues a tax receipt for its market worth. It’s far simpler than selling or trashing a car, and it’s also a nice thing to do for someone else.

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